Ale, Wit, Dunkel Or Lager, These Microbreweries in Chandigarh are Serving Them All!

By Shoutlo Staff
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When it comes to beer, one better not mess with Chandigarh's beer lovers! Just from the aroma of fresh malt, Chandigarh's beer fanatics get parched with thirst. Seeing the love for fresh beer among the city's boozers, bars in Chandigarh have geared up and are slowly and steadily turning into microbreweries. With this upcoming trend, there are a lot of breweries in Chandigarh that offer to quench the thirst of the beer fanatics. But to pick the right one is always a hard task. To ease that for you, we, at shoutlo, bring forth a list of the Microbreweries in Chandigarh! Go ahead and Chug on!

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