Let's Give Our Taste Buds A Sweet Punch With Some Traditional Desserts Served Across Tricity This Festival Season

By Rashi Verma
1 min read

Forget about the sugary and syrupy Gulab Jamuns; the inviting aroma of Halwa, and the gratifying essence of Barfis, Well…this Diwali it’s time to plunge into the handed-down sweet courses that explicitly personify our heritage and lifestyle. Many of us always land into a quandary when it comes to ordering the last course of our meal. Wait a minute, if I am not wrong, are we thinking alike? The last course, of course, we the Gulab Jamun/Ice-cream obsessed living entities. Ain’t we? A handful of sweets in any restaurants fail to satisfy our taste buds and so the expression ‘Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye’ hath a great fall. But this new year, let’s come off tenterhooks and have a look at these amazing desserts/sweets you can try in the Tricity.

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