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Chandigarh Mindfulness Meet By Nitten V Mahadik
The Eat Street

Chandigarh Mindfulness Meet By Nitten V Mahadik

Starts On
  06th September,2019
  7:00 PM
Ends On
  06th September,2019
  9:00 PM
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In the hustle and bustle of a demanding life, finding a balance between work life and personal life has become more difficult than ever. But, one highly important aspect of creating an ideal balance is often forgotten, i.e to find quality time for yourself, to snatch some enriching and introspective moments for yourselves, every single day, amidst this past faced life.

chandigarh mindfulness meet

We are constantly in a state of conflict, both internal and external. For the longest time, we have relied on materialistic desires to provide us happiness. Although, at the end of the day we can all agree that this kind of ‘happiness’ is superficial and short-lived.

So, how do we savor life? How do we learn to escape the chaos and relish the quality moments of our everyday life? How do we build our efficiency and elevate our productivity?

Well, if you’ve been looking for answers for all the questions above, it’s your lucky day! You’re in for a treat and on your way to receive some invaluable lessons and guidelines that’ll help you lifelong, if implemented well.

chandigarh mindfulness meet

Well-Renowned Mindfulness Practitioner, Nitten V Mahadik is conducting an educating and enlightening workshop ‘Chandigarh Mindfulness Meet’ in our very own city.

Nitten has been into this practice for a decade and has conducted Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence workshops in corporates, education sector, and NGOs. Using Mindfulness and theatre skills he has coached people to achieve well being and enhance their Impact and Influence.

chandigarh mindfulness meet 21 aug 2019

The main objectives of this workshop would be:-

- Enhanced productivity
- Better concentration
- Increased well- being
- Better ability to control your impulses
- Increased resilience to manage setbacks

So what exactly is Mindfulness? In layman terms, it means to pay attention to the present moment without judgment. It is an age-old, scientifically proven process of mind training.

chandigarh mindfulness meet

This workshop is designed to be completely experiential and to align with daily life as we experience it and is for everyone who wants to get out of the autopilot zone of functioning. The aim of the workshop is to develop positive coping skills, make more conscious choices with deeper clarity and leading to long term happier states of being and existing.

Through Chandigarh’s Mindfulness Meet, you’ll be able to cut yourself some slack, get commendable insights, learn helpful techniques and get motivated enough to make a difference in your lifestyle as the workshop would be full of like-minded individuals determined enough to seek inspiration to lead a more worthwhile lifestyle. The whole energy would be contagious and the vibe would be soothing and peaceful.

chandigarh mindfulness meet

We assure you that this workshop would bring the much-needed shift in your perspective, in your mindset, in your life.

When: 6th September 2019
Where: The Eat Street, Sector 16, Panchkula

See you at the mindfulness workshop in Chandigarh! :)

Nitten V Mahadik
No. 4, SCO, Sector 16, Panchkula, Haryana 160015
The Eat Street Address

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