Innovation To Commercialization 2K18 - Event Organized By CEED On Inventions + Commercialization

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  • Starts On 02:30 PM
  • Indian School of Business, Sector-81 , Mohali

About Indian School of Business - Sector-81, Mohali

The increasing cut-to-cut competition has let people and of course, entrepreneurs among them to think upon such strategies that could help them gain financially. Though many of the today's generation people know quite much about what steps they need to carry on to have their commercialization process intact, few still lack the guidance they need to have innovation and commercialization together respectively.

innovation to commercialization event organized by ceed

You all might have an idea on how to invest on any product, what is to be required, and of course, you have done all the R&D to acquire the needful gain, right? So, what is lacking? Well, we understand you. The innovative process to commercialize any product or service requires guidance and that guidance for increasing productivity can only be achieved with the help of Innovators and skilled Inventors. 

For that matter, 'An Event is being organized by CEED' to channelize your workmanship effortlessly.


innovation to commercialization event organized by ceed

CEED- Cuceed: Being an entrepreneurship development endeavor of Chitkara University, the CEED - Cuceed tends to train students in their academic tenure only and motivates them to practice entrepreneurship right from scratch. The team of more than 35 tech-startups focus on building ecosystem's productivity and sharing the success and failure lessons so as to encourage aspirants.

They keep conducting events for that matter and I2C - Innovation to Commercialization is one of the upcoming events organized by CEED

The Event

The upcoming event organized by CEED is in association with TIECON and CURIN i.e Chitkara University Research and Innovation Network that lets people embark on the principles of innovation and development. So, it is for all those who are willing to have a successful entrepreneurial career in future.

The innovators from CURIN, who know the best way to commercialize their innovations and who have the appropriate business plans would be pitching ahead of all the investors and a major group of industry mentors present at the Tiecon 2018. This occurrence is going to a hell lot of experience-throwing one for you.

Event Details

I2C - Innovation To Commercialization by CEED in association with CURIN and TIECON
Day, Date & Time: Friday, 9th March 2018, 2:30 PM onwards
Join Us At: ISB Mohali

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Indian School of Business

Knowledge City, Sector 81, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140306

Knowledge City, Sector 81, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140306


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