Prem Dhillon Performing Live At Playboy Club

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  • Starts On 08:00 PM
  • Playboy Club, Industrial-Area-Phase-1 , Chandigarh
  • Artist/Performer Prem Dhillon

About Playboy Club - Industrial-Area-Phase-1, Chandigarh

Looking for a place to party and have a perfect year-end? Let's all shake off the 2024 woes together; raise a toast to a year of new hopes, beginnings, and positivity At Playboy Club Chandigarh.  Say no more because we know exactly how pleasing it is to your ears! Come then, because Playboy Club, Chandigarh is hosting the iconic Mansion party. Celebrate this year's ending and welcome the New Year with new vigour and some Bunny hops!

new year party playboy club chandigarh

Say Goodbye to 2023 In A Naughty Way! 

new year party playboy club chandigarh

Playboy offers a sneak peek of the real ‘Playboy Mansion’ and promises an unforgettable night with unseen performances to look forward to! Overflowing with fun, style, and charisma is a must for Chandigarh partygoers. And, being New Year’s Eve expect a more glamorous spin to the night as wild and wonderful circus acts will be performed tonight your evening into anything your imagination can conceive. You're in for the most glamorous New Year's Eve in town as the marvellous artists take the helm ensuring you're grooving all night, right into the new year! 

Let The Celebration Begin! 

new year party playboy club chandigarh

An extravagant embodiment of everything chic, stylish, and sexy, the Playboy Club Chandigarh is hosting the most alluring party of the year this New Year’s Eve! With acts, midgets performances, a stellar lineup of resident DJs, a  midnight confetti shower, and many more you will be thoroughly entertained from start to finish and guaranteed to celebrate the New Year in style. So, get ready to dine, dance, dazzle, and gift yourself an extravagant and valuable experience by being a part of all the fun and excitement. The Bunnies will keep you entertained with their moves.

A Hell Lot Of Wildness Waiting For You!

new year party playboy club chandigarh

With your drinks and food on the house, you have nothing to crib about. As we all know, offering the most heightened experiences, Playboy doesn't compromise with the food as it serves the most exquisite delicacies which are sure to set the mood even higher and pump you up with energy and ignite the passion to own the dance floor with your wicked dance moves! So, dance to your heart while DJs play the ostentatious tunes of the year. 

Rage With The Most Elite Night Club

new year party playboy club chandigarh

The ambience at Playboy is non-descript and within minutes of entering, you will feel like you have arrived at another time, another world whole together. Of course, it is swanky, it is plush and the entire space is done up in theme colours of red, black, and gold. The dance floors are exceptionally spacious, the lighting effects are unparalleled,d and nothing like you’ve seen before. Mind-blowing!

new year party playboy club chandigarh

This is certainly going to be one of the most iconic nights of the year. So, dress up to bid 2023 goodbyes and brace yourselves to surrender to some wicked intoxication and sway the night away with your fiery moves to align your evening right.


So, what are you waiting for? The passes are LIVE, grab them, before they sell out!

Playboy Club

Floor 3, City Emporium Mall, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002

Floor 3, City Emporium Mall, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002


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