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  • Starts On 09:00 AM
  • SPIC Centre, I.T-Park , Chandigarh
  • Event Organiser (,) Outcome

About SPIC Centre - I.T-Park, Chandigarh

It has been many decades since the screen-based User Interfaces came into the technology world but the actual user experience never became the priority. 

No doubt, technology has changed the whole idea of how we see things around us. Henceforth, the focus on UX design has become more important than ever.

The good news is that A UX Design Conference is planned on February 09, 2019, in Chandigarh.


Have you ever thought about the product design culture for your business? Maybe to an extent or maybe not! Well, Chandigarhians, you might have been planning the best user interface designs for your businesses but a strategic storyline and applying storytelling principles to improve the UX design are hardly ever considered.

outcome ux conference chandigarh feb 2019

To share and learn the need for storytelling practices for designing better user experiences, Vinish Garg- has founded the OUTCOME conference.

Know more at:
The Outcome Conference Website
About the Organizer 

Outcome - Brings Best Design Minds Together

While the organizations invest a lot of energy and sources in their products, not many groups or communities in the region talk about the real product design best practices, about designing experiences for sustainable and scalable products, not in formal and structured formats at least. 

The OUTCOME conference brings together region’s best product design minds who share their knowledge and expertise for best practices in product UX design.

OUTCOME is a chance to unlearn the outdated features-design-oriented product design practices and to learn customer-success-story driven designsThe conference invites participants to discuss and learn how we should invest in our products, and how customer-story driven experiences deliver products that are more mature to scale and grow.

OUTCOME is for You

Well, thinking of all, the conference is for:

- UX practitioners (UX researchers, architects, analysts, designers)–who design interactions and experiences 
- UI designers–who design the interface 
- Product managers–who lead product teams
- Content practitioners–who contribute to the product experience
- Startups (product owners)–who are at any stage of their product–idea, prototyping, traction, and expansion 
- Programmers–who write code & Others involved in product design or engineering


OUTCOME has invited region’s best UX design minds for the conference audience. We are committed to make it a memorable and delightful experience for all participants.

outcome ux conference chandigarh feb 2019

Abhay Vohra (Program Manager - UX at Net Solutions )

Rajesh Khurana (Usability Lead, Ericsson India)

Bhavish Sood (Managing Partner at Bluesky Capital)

Alok Diwan (Creative Manager, Redlizard Studioz)

Schedule For Program-

The program begins at 9 AM in the morning where participants can network over tea and coffee. It follows a welcome note and then a few really mouth-watering interactive sessions on designing digital experiences. 

Avail the best opportunity and move a step ahead towards a progressive business via result driven leadership practices.

Head to OUTCOME & Join Us:

Venue: EDC Building
Location: SPIC Centre, Plot No. 20, Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park, Chandigarh
Date & Timings: February 9, 2019, 9:00 AM- 4:30 PM

Reserve your seats and take a few important steps towards the design ROI goals

SPIC Centre

Plot No. 20, EDC Building, Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park, Chandigarh

Plot No. 20, EDC Building, Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park, Chandigarh


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