Don't Let The Party Stop At The Sheoak Club In Panchkula

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  • Starts On 08:00 PM
  • Sheoak Club - North Park, Sector 32 , Panchkula

About the event

Why do you think Panchkula is spastic? It’s because The Sheoak Club has wired up its natives with the best clubbing experience. 

They swear by Party Hard, Party Long up until Char Baj Gae Lekin Party Abhi Baki hai…

So this new club In Panchkula captivates your spirit to experience a full-throttle party encounter like never before with the astounding drinks on the menu and let you shake your booty the Jagger Style.

sheoak club north park panchkula

Dash out for a yet another gathering binge…  Go groovy, Get psyched, Go party, Get jazzed up… 

The Sheoak Club 

It’ll leave you on edge of your seat the instant you enter this fascinating club. The blue and green lights streak out influencing the place to run nostalgic and overflow with flame. 

sheoak club north park panchkula

The lounge razzle-dazzles with Private parties, Corporate parties, Birthday Parties, Kitty Parties and their regarded faithful clients, fuss not… on account of they have unique rebates for you. 

sheoak club north park panchkula

To cut sweet, the place satisfies each one of the criteria to fit in your next social affair design. Posse up your group, choose the timings and reason... Naaah... you needn't bother with motivation to party coz each moment is a motivation to praise life.

sheoak club north park panchkula

Celebrate Life- The Sheoak Style

Good Music, Best Beer, Delicious Food-A club is known for its music, drinks, and food. Gratefully, you get all this under one roof.

Each day is a party day... and they have surprises for every day to turn your exhaustive day in a yippie ki-yay moment. From Buy one Get one offers to alluring deals, Sheoak comes alive every single day, every single moment.

They will not become dull nor give you a chance sulk.

Surprising Elements 

A Pool Space and a Ground territory for pool parties and outside events for your personal affairs…If the wedding is on the cards and you need to set up a lone ranger's or lone wolf-less party, then you have the place already arranged for you. Furthermore, I'm certain for each one of the individuals who long to have a Bollywood style wedding or a Bachelor night, should stamp this place as they will turn your wedding into the Big Fat Indian Wedding.

sheoak club north park panchkula

The Roof-Top eatery @Hotel North Park is the following home base goal to come in. The fruits on the square are their tasty nourishments and great staff individuals to make your occasion all the rage. Get Pampered-is the expression that Sheoak Club maintains.

sheoak club north park panchkula

This tremendous property is sheltered in wording for both families, social affairs and for those dolled-up women who wish to appreciate yet care for their well-being. 

Ask for anything and you'll be welcomed wholeheartedly. Appreciate all shades of life and fly out at this rich place.

Venue- The Sheoak Club, Sector 32, Near Ghaggar Bridge, Panchkula 

Contact Details : 7307102120 

I’m so amped up writing about this club. Fire up and get moving for the best Pool Side Party venue with the Charm of Foothills with Sizzling BONFIRE. 

Get up, Dress up and appear at this ton of fun spot!

Sheoak Club - North Park

hotel North Park panchkula, Sector 32, Birghaghar, Haryana

hotel North Park panchkula, Sector 32, Birghaghar, Haryana


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