7 Reasons Why We Love Diljit Dosanjh

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The Punjabi Gabru is all talks in the Tinsel town with two back to back Bollywood hits. He is already recognized as one of the leading artists in Punjabi music and film industry. With uberly cool looks and a massive amount of talent, Diljit is everything that dreams are made of. With back to back chartbuster hits and impressive acting skills, Diljit is soaring the sky high. We have all the reasons to love him. What about you? 

Team Shoutlo brings you a list of reasons to prove why Diljit is the best. Read on!

1. This Singh is so Stylish: “This Singh Is So Stylish” hit maker is not just blessed with the most hypnotic melodious voice in the industry, he is even gifted with an unmatchable charm to his looks. From his effortlessly carried casual clothing looks to dapper suits and his all-denims style. No matter what Diljit wears, he manages to look jaw-dropping dead handsome in everything. This Punjabi garbru sure has an eye for fashion, he is often seen supporting branded statement pieces. He sure makes us droll with those striking poses in his Gucci jackets and Tommy Hilfiger’s sweatshirts. Diljit’s effortless dressing game makes him one of the most stylish looking Punjabi Gabru in the industry.

Kada check, Turban check, Rolex check, Dolce-Gabbana check.

7 reasons why we love diljit dosanjh

2. Urban Pendu Swag is always on point: The T-shirt worn in the song “Proper Patola” by Diljit himself became an instant hit with his fans. The T-shirt supported the text “Urban Pendu” written all over it. The term “Urban Pendu” perfectly describes Diljit’s lovable and wholesome personality. He is also known to be the solely grounded person in the industry. His rawness and "pendupan" strikes a chord with all the Punjabis around the world. 

7 reasons why we love diljit dosanjh

We got all the reasons to love him. Read ahead.

3. Good Looks, Good Looks, and GOOD LOOKS: Girls already swoon over Diljit’s killers looks. He is a heartthrob and a full package in himself. The turbaned prince looks every bit of a stunner. His looks throw some major debonair goals to all the boys out there. He looks dreamy and too hard to resist at times. 

7 reasons why we love diljit dosanjh

Swooning over Diljit? I bet you do.

4. Hit Maker Machine: Diljit has found the perfect chord to hit with the audience and he is sticking to it. He is a wholesome performer, an exceptionally talented singer and every bit of a charmer. His hard work, dedication, and commitment towards his work truly reflect in his performances and his chartbuster hits. With BritAsia TV Music Awards for his album Back2Basics in his kitty, Diljit has managed to carve a niche for himself internationally. He has also won the award for Best International Act, Best Album and Best Bhangra Single for his song Kharku. With all the appreciation and recognition, Diljit is here to stay.

7 reasons why we love diljit dosanjh

5. True to his Roots: You can take a Punjabi out of Punjab but you can never manage to take out Punjab out of a Punjabi. Nobody testifies this better than Diljit himself. He carries a little piece of Punjab with himself wherever he goes and stays true to his roots.

7 reasons why we love diljit dosanjh

We love every bit of this Urban Pendu. What about you?

6. All About his Fans: Diljit is all about his fans. He has a crazy fan following in North India, America as well as in Canada. Diljit always makes an effort to interact and stay in touch with his fan base. He is quite active on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. He keeps updating and posting his fans about his routine and whereabouts. His posts are often very quirky and humorous. Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Eh? 

7 reasons why we love diljit dosanjh

7. Phase of his Career: Started from the bottom, rose to the top. Diljit’s struggle stories are no less than an inspiration. He has truly made his existence felt with some blockbuster hits and performances. The variation and growth in his work prove his worth as a man of substance. He has risen from the ranks of an ordinary man to the extraordinary superstar he is today. We truly appreciate his spirit and talent.

7 reasons why we love diljit dosanjh
Do you love Diljit Dosanjh as much as we do? Comment down below.
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